AI Shakes Hollywood’s Creative Foundation

Future Thinkers
April 4, 2023

Artificial intelligence (AI) can potentially assist in solving copyright issues related to copied characters and creative foundations. One way AI can help is by using algorithms to detect and prevent potential copyright infringement. For example, AI can analyze a piece of content and compare it to existing copyrighted material to determine if it is too similar.

Another way AI can help is by creating original content based on existing material, which can help avoid copyright infringement. AI algorithms can analyze existing characters and creative foundations and generate new, original content that is not a direct copy.

However, the use of AI in creating new content raises questions about intellectual property rights. Who owns the rights to the content generated by an AI algorithm? Is it the creator of the algorithm or the owner of the data used to train the algorithm? These are questions that are currently under scrutiny by courts and entertainment executives.

To address these issues, clear guidelines and regulations need to be established for the use of AI in creating and detecting copyright infringement. Additionally, it is essential to have transparency in the use of AI and ensure that any generated content is clearly attributed to its source.

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