Art Comes First - Founders Sam Lambert and Shaka Maidoh

Creative Legacy
April 6, 2023


Artistic expression & cultural craftsmanship For A Redefined Global Style. Founders Sam Lambert and Shaka Maidoh ensure their creative expression extends beyond their base in London, its found in the cultural craftsmanship in the designed garments, products and collaborative pieces worldwide.

Championing art in their creative expression above all first, they lead a movement of tailored and classic style-driven garments for gentlemen and gentlewomen. Think Saville Row and English sartorialism mixed with British punk and a D.I.Y philosophy.

Art Comes First proposes that this blend of ingredients can become the center of a meta-art form to provide protection, nurture and galvanization for other forms of expression in Art. Photography, Painting, Performance....Any form of expression concerned with alchemical process of transforming the base experience into the more sublime, even divine, alloy stair-steps of a particular man’s independent accession full potential.


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