May 29, 2020

Two heads are better than one, especially when they’re sporting the newest in eyewear designs. This is true for the newest capsule collaboration between Amsterdam-based clothing brand Daily Paper and Belgian accessory brand Komono.

The two have combined their expertise, releasing a captivating campaign for the innovative eyewear. With Beri Dalgali and Dennis Schreuder behind the creative direction, the first component of the collaborative campaign is an eye-catching fashion film, featuring models Ottawa Kwami and Akon Changkou.

Techno music plays behind quick clips of dark shapes, sleek edges, and simple silhouettes, each with flashes of bright colors complementing the bold designs of the eyewear. Though not entirely innovative in the style of film, as many brands show off eyewear styles through fast-paced videos showcasing models donning the glasses, what stands out about Daily Paper and Komono’s campaign is how skillfully they’ve blended the aesthetics of the two houses.