Director Paul Trillo and Gen-2 “Thank You for Not Answering” in New AI Short Film

The Brave Ones
May 6, 2023

Using image and text prompts, ArtClass director Paul Trillo teams with Runway’s Gen-2 multi-modal AI system to explore memory and what might have been in this moody and melancholy new short film Thank You for Not Answering.

Paul Trillo: “I’m more interested in exploring what makes these tools different than trying to recreate a Hollywood blockbuster. I have been working with ideas that play with our perception of reality, our memory, and how that affects who we are. Gen-2 is the closest to a snapshot of a dream that I have ever seen. The voice-over was generated from my script using the AI speech software ElevenLabs.”

Back in January, Trillo combined AI, live-action, and motion design into a striking GoFundMe campaign.