Introducing... Rihannazine x ID

The Brave Ones
January 29, 2020

Together, i-D and the esteemed designer, artist and businesswoman that is Rihanna unveil a creative project that champions a more progressive and inclusive future.

Few figures epitomise the power of womanhood, entrepreneurship and creativity like Rihanna does. Over the course of her career, the artist, designer and musician has formed a blueprint for boundary-pushing growth, finessing her craft so immaculately that billion-dollar industries will bend to her will. In a time when the word is applied all too liberally, she is a true trailblazer in everything she lends herself to, and that reverberates outwards to the wider world. Her loyal fans and followers are some of the most fervent you'll find.

What better person then, to help paint a progressive picture of our culture? This is Rihannazine, a special project that combines the creative mantras of Riri and i-D. In celebration of her ceaseless reign on the worlds of fashion, beauty and music, and our own 40th anniversary, we've collaborated to produce a one-off limited edition of the magazine co-curated by Rihanna herself.