Kano Shares ‘HOODIES ALL SUMMER’ Behind-The-Scenes Mini Documentary

The Brave Ones
January 22, 2020

London rapper Kano has just shared a behind-the-scenes mini documentary, giving fans a closer look at the process behind creating his latest studio album HOODIES ALL SUMMER.

Coming in at 13-and-a-half-minutes, the clip showcases Kano traveling between London and Jamaica as he visits various studios while recording the aforementioned project. Producers Jodi Milliner and Blue May are also featured prominently in the docu, which in turn gives fans more insight into how the album’s tracks, such as “Trouble,” came about. Additionally the footage includes appearances from HOODIES ALL SUMMER collaborators Kojo Funds and D Double E. The documentary was filmed on Alexa Mini and Sony hi8 cameras, along with footage captured on personal phones.