MindHeart's SBAM, the "Systems-Based Awareness Map."

The Brave Ones
April 3, 2023

MindHeart's SBAM, the "Systems-Based Awareness Map." This groundbreaking platform is the first AI-integrated map of human awareness, designed to aid individuals on their journey towards healing and cultivating loving-awareness.SBAM is a one-of-a-kind tool that combines storytelling data—personal accounts of our daily lives—with digital biomarker data to track health and well-being.The platform delves deep into our stress and well-being patterns, connecting users with a variety of digital and creative tools, well-being practitioners, environmental spaces, and even supportive communities to foster healing.

In the era of AI, the future of UX/UI centers around crafting frictionless user interfaces that leverage personalized data. By utilizing user input and voice commands, SBAM systems will generate distinctive experiences, guiding users on a captivating journey. As AI technology propels advancements in brand expression and customer experience, it will set higher standards for consumer interactions. Brands failing to meet these expectations risk being left behind. Consequently, we foresee the emergence of content that is both relevant and considerate of consumers' attention, leading to a more refined and meticulously curated user experience.

Together, we have been collaborating to conceptualize and construct the SBAM network/platform. MindHeart is introducing SBAM, the "Systems-Based Awareness Map," which is the first-ever AI-integrated map of human awareness and an online platform to support your healing process and the cultivation of loving-awareness.This unique tool combines storytelling data—information about our daily lives—with digital biomarker data that monitors health and well-being.We look forward to sharing updates and the beta version soon.

SBAM visual UI design
UI / UX Design

We would like to express our gratitude to our team and collaborative partners: Oleg Coada, Damian Atkinson, Sara King, Aden Van Noppen, and Davion Zaire.

To be continue.

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