Solange is Redefining Popular Culture, One Performance at a Time

The Brave Ones
December 5, 2019

Creative Direction by Solange Photography by Rafael Rios . Fashion by Solange Franklin

With Solange, creative possibilities seem limitless. Try to define her virtuosic output and one soon runs out of adjectives to do so. And that’s the point. A multi-hyphenate muse, Solange is an artistic hybrid, a force that sees boundaries as cause for demolition. With the release of her fourth album, When I Get Home, earlier this year, along with an accompanying 33-minute film (featuring art world innovators and icons) of the same name, Solange continues to redefine not only herself, but our expectations of what a performer can and should be. For Solange, that performer extends well beyond the stage. Far from an act, it’s more like a way of life—a dedication to artistry that infuses everything she touches. From creative directing her September cover shoot with L’Officiel USA to adopting the ubiquity of texting as a medium for her interview with rap icon and legend Trina, Solange is an artist at home in a world of her own making.

Trina: You are such a breath of fresh air. I’ve watched you grow and blossom into such a beautiful creative soul—I’m such a fan and extremely proud of you and your evolution.

Solange: Wow. You just made me smile the biggest damn smile. Thank you. Thank you for all that you’ve done to empower the fuck out of us! If I need to unapologetically feel like I can smash ya shit and feel fine as hell doing so, I put on you and that’s that!

T: Yes. I’m smiling so hard. I love it. This feeling is beyond amazing!

S: That means so much. I’m incredibly humbled.

T: You are a creative genius.

S: Wow. I don’t even know what to say but the utmost gratitude. You are a legend! We could love fest all day. I’d just keep sending you all the crazy iconography we’ve all referenced and seen ourselves in for endless years. You embody so much of what I wished to express. And I always feel such a kinship with Southern women. The minute Jacolby [Satterwhite] told me about you possibly being a part of the “Sound of Rain” piece, I screamed!

T: Wow. When I heard I was in it, I was screaming so loud in the airport. I was so happy and so excited to be a part of something so creative and organic. I love how you’ve grown to own everything about yourself; it’s the most beautiful thing about you. I can see it. And I’m so humbled to be a force of reason. I’m so proud.

S: Well, u have always been that one!