Watch the Full Trailer for Pyer Moss' Film 'American, Also'

The Brave Ones
May 19, 2020

Pyer Moss has just released the full trailer for its upcoming film, American, Also, planned for drive-in only premieres across the U.S. in keeping with social distancing measures.

A documentary-style look back at the last two years, American, Also sets the brand’s journey towards its Collection 3 fashion showcase at Brooklyn’s Kings Theatre against the venue’s once-upon-a-time ban of African Americans, to further drive “cultural and social hot button topics relating to the black experience” in American culture.

Pyer Moss’ founder and designer Kerby Jean-Raymond has, since 2013, taken his brand to global acclaim, and now, he’s brought it back home to his neighborhood of Flatbush, Brooklyn, and he wants the world to know he did it for his people.