These nine portraits feature Wounded Healers - educators, leaders, and practitioners dedicated to creating spaces for others to thrive, flourish, and heal.


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We aimed to develop a distinct interactive storytelling experience, utilizing both audio and text, along with a horizontal scrolling feature for easy viewing and listening of each portrait's audio. The ultimate objective was to create a user-friendly and captivating experience that motivates users to explore more about each featured individual on the platform.

About the project:

This portrait series captures the profiles of nine educators, community leaders and practitioners, all of whom have dedicated their lives to — in some shape or form — creating spaces for others to thrive, flourish and heal. We call them the Wounded Healers.

The concept “wounded healer” finds its roots in both Carl Jung's work and in Greek mythology. For Jung, the wounded healer represented the sensitivity and understanding of one’s own wounds and how this informs helping others heal. As Wounded Healers, they use their deep understanding of trauma to create conditions for collective flourishing and know the importance of engaging in their own personal healing work to authentically be of service to others. They embrace the challenge of often working and teaching in systems that perpetuate violence and inequality, yet they are resolute in moving through the challenges to bring about a better world.

The subjects of this series have dedicated their lives to helping others find wholeness, joy, and hope even as they navigate violent circumstances. They are warriors of a different kind — reflective, undaunted, and tender. Read on to learn about their lives and work.

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